『大都会のイケてる学校』を理由に選んだ青山学院高等部で出会ったラグビー x 英国のダンディズムに魅せられ、大学4年時にウォーリック大学へラグビー留学(学校代表戦”Varsity match”に出場)






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I was born in 1985 as a second child to a local public official and a banker in Yachiyo city, Chiba.
After graduating from the local elementary and junior high school, I decided to abandon the hometown and head to Tokyo (on an everyday commuting basis).
I went to Aoyama Gakuin high school and university, posh private school in the coolest area in the world (as long as I knew) “Shibuya/Omotesando”, and bumped into “rugby football” and “English gentlemanship” which fascinated me. This made me study play rugby at University of Warwick later (played for the Varsity match).

After coming back from the UK, I successfully failed once at the job hunting and eventually managed to join Sumitomo Corporation while dreaming to be a global business leader in the future.
At SC, I worked on investment/investment management in various countries and industries as a middle office staff as well as experienced strategic planning/execution and partner communication/negotiation for the mining project in Madagascar.

After a while, I started to recognise a gap between reality lying in front of me and the mission in life, “making a better world where people can pursue own dreams and happiness through maximizing potential of diverse talents and overturning stereotypes and limits”.
This led me to INSEAD, the most global business school in the world in order to reestablish firm values of my own and develop skills to maximize others’ potential which, I believe, will help to reach the goal.

Currently I am based in Singapore and working on corporate investment and business development in Fintech industry.

This blog is to keep the track of challenges of a lifetime dreamer.
All the reactions including both positive and negative ones are welcome.

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